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Black by Popular Demand: The Berlin II and Leather Capri

Over the years, ONA has taken pride in listening closely to its customers’ feedback. When you told us that you’d love to see a Roma camera insert that could be carried as a standalone bag, we introduced the Bowery bag, now one of our bestsellers. When you suggested that we introduce a bag slightly smaller than the Brixton for those toting around iPads and smaller laptops, we decided to create the Prince […]

Photographer Profile: Ryan Longnecker

We first met Ryan Longnecker shortly before this year’s Photo Field Trip, since Ryan wanted to give us a heads up that he would be in charge of photographing this year’s week-long event. Throughout the course of our five days at El Capitan Canyon, we […]

Where ONA Goes: Oregon with Sam Ciurdar

We were recently introduced to Sam Ciurdar, a Southern California-based filmmaker and photographer, who like our friend Jonathan Gipaya, just decided to make the jump into photography and filmmaking on a full-time basis. Sam’s creative resume boasts names like The Mindy Project, and clients have included the […]

Photographer Profile: Jonathan Grado

If you’ve spent any time in the audiophile world, the name Grado Labs is probably a familiar one. A Brooklyn-based, family-owned business since 1953, Grado is best known today as a maker of high-end headphones, though it began as a maker of phono cartridges for record players, which […]

Staff Profile: Mark Chou

Today, we are sitting down with Mark Chou, our Director of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships, to kick off a new series featuring the staff at ONA. Through our Photographer and Blogger Profiles, you’ve gotten the opportunity to learn about friends of the brand and the […]

Where ONA Goes: Nicaragua with Tyler Nevitt

We first ran across Tyler Nevitt and his work a few months ago on Instagram, shortly before he left New York City for a trip to Nicaragua. As we scrolled through his feed, we were immediately captivated by his photographs, many of which are taken on film, […]

Photographer Profile: Kaitlin Hebert

Kaitlin Noel Hebert, a native of Montgomery County, Maryland, now resides in Cape May, NJ with her family. She is a highly sought after wedding photographer and the proud mother of two boys, Nick and Ryan. Kaitlin would never have guessed how unexpected and surprising an effect motherhood […]

Travel Journal: El Capitan Canyon

If you’re a regular follower of our blog, you know how much we love seeing the cool places where ONA bags go with our amazing customers. Our team also loves globetrotting with our own ONA bags – earlier this month, marketing director Mark Chou spent five days at El Capitan Canyon in Santa […]

Blogger Profile: The Road Les Traveled

Lesley Murphy launched her travel blog, The Road Les Traveled, with a focus on the “luxury adventure” niche when she realized there wasn’t a blog catering to this demographic of readers – those who didn’t want to just backpack a country only to miss out on the fine dining and cultural […]