Photographer Profile: Ann Pak

This Christmas Eve, Ann Pak of will visit an orphanage in Mexico to “serve, spend time with the kids, show lots of love” and document the experience through photography.

What a beautiful way to spend the holidays.

I met Ann this year through mutual friends, and we’ve enjoyed some great conversation around our shared love of photography. As I launched ONA this summer, she was preparing to launch her photography business, which started up in the fall.

Ann’s passion for photography has grown steadily through the years; people who knew her in college inevitably knew her Canon PowerShot G5 as well. “I took it everywhere,” she says. “My friends used to call me ‘The Paparazzi’ because I was always taking pictures.”

Ann has since upgraded her camera — she now uses a Canon EOS Rebel XSi and has a growing collection of lenses. She’s a teacher by day, but when she’s not in the classroom, she lets her camera do the talking and strives to tell stories through her photographs.

A summer missions trip to Mexico sparked Ann’s desire to transform her passion for photography into a professional endeavor. “We served at an orphanage [the same one she will be visiting this month] and when I looked back at the pictures I took, I saw that in every frame, there is always a story to be told. God opened my eyes to the beauty that can be captured in photos.”

You can find out more about Ann’s photography at

Here’s wishing Ann a great trip as she helps others in need this holiday season. And here’s wishing each of you a joyous holiday season as well. Happy holidays!

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