Photographer Profile: Cat Jones

Cat Jones digs details. You can see it in the way she photographs her garden. And you can see it in her choice of camera bag — the chestnut Brooklyn satchel. An avid gardener, Cat set out “to create a fluid, real time journal” of her garden on her blog, thewhimsicalgardener. “It amazes me how much of our world goes unnoticed,” Cat says.  “And with macro photography and beautiful, natural light I can capture and reveal secret moments that happen daily in my garden.”

Using her Nikon D7000 and, most often, an AF-S Micro Nikkor 105mm 1:2.8, Cat is always on the lookout for the next great shot. “My heart is full when I spy some little critter, a bird, a lizard or the late slant of afternoon light on a golden leaf.  When I capture that magical quality of light, I’m elated!”

We’re elated that Cat is enjoying using her Brooklyn satchel as she captures these and other special moments. “I love everything about my bag! It’s made of beautiful, durable leather…It is roomy enough to tuck my wallet, phone, keys and lip gloss into along with my camera and lenses, allowing me to carry only one bag. All in all, it’s just a gorgeous and functional camera bag.”

Ready for some deliciously detailed photography? Check out a few of Cat’s photos below.


From Me To You: The Traveling Camera Bag + Giveaway

During their recent travels, Jamie Beck and Kevin Berg of From Me To You put their new Camps Bay camera and laptop backpack to use, and today Jamie posted a gorgeous display of photos. You’ve gotta see this. Isn’t it so lovely? But then, aren’t all of the photos on their blog? They’re just the best…

And as if the post and photos weren’t awesome enough, Jamie is hosting a giveaway where you can win any ONA bag of your choice! Check out how to enter the giveaway here, or click the photo below for details.  Thanks again Jamie and Kevin, and good luck to all! UPDATE 11/28: The winner of the giveaway is Jennifer Teeter. Congrats Jennifer!

Engadget: Camps Bay Backpack Review

This weekend, Engadget offered an awesome review of our new Camps Bay backpack. “Ona has managed to construct an absolutely beautiful bag that easily houses a 17-inch MacBook Pro (with ample padding, if you’re curious), up to seven or eight lenses, a full-frame DSLR and a few other things you may not think to normally make room for.” Many thanks to Darren Murph, Engadget’s Managing Editor, for the post! Click here to read the full review.