The Palma: Behind the Name

It’s been said that inspiration strikes as soon as you stop looking for it. Most of our bags are sparked by the nuances of city life, the streets and neighborhoods and characters that provide endless points of interest for an urban photographer. But sometimes, inspiration flows best when you’re surrounded by open skies and endless stretches of sea.

The Mediterranean from Palma Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca was a far cry from the urban grittiness of New York City, London, Cape Town: the Spanish island is a sliver of sand, sea, sun and stunning sunsets in the Mediterranean.

Palma Mallorca, Spain

Palma was the seat of the Mallorca’s monarchy, aristocracy and ecclesiastical hierarchy. Its historical glory days are now evidenced in the churches, convents and palacios with secret courtyards behind arched portals that are sprinkled around the charming casco viejo. 

The Mediterranean from Palma Mallorca, Spain
An escape of epic proportions, it’s been the holiday destination of the Spanish royal family for generations. While Palma is home to half of the island’s population, Capdepera (where most of these photos were taken) was the picture of calm.

Featuring a spectacularly rugged coastline, a sky line dominated by the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range and acres of olive groves, the island of Mallorca is an oasis of relaxation. It’s a far cry from the buzzing nightclubs of Ibiza, the other popular Spanish island destination.

An influx of international restaurants has brought plenty of opportunities to indulge in Mallorca: while tiramisu isn’t exactly Spanish fare, this modern interpretation on the Italian classic was absolutely divine. It was the perfect accompaniment to the lovely Cava wine that was made on the island and given to us by some new local friends.

While the natural beauty of sandy beaches and turquoise water is surely the biggest draw to Mallorca, the island is dotted with plenty of examples of classic and creative art and architecture .

Tracy Foster in Palma Mallorca, Spain

The Palma satchel
 embodies a more elegant era while functioning as completely modern camera bag: like Palma de Mallorca, it straddles that fine line between classic beauty and refreshing novelty.


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