Retailer Profile: Leica Store Miami

Although we sell directly from our website, ONA also partners with select retail stores throughout the United States and the world to sell ONA camera bags and accessories. Our retail partnerships expose us to a larger audience, as well as allow people to feel the bags before purchasing. Over the past few years, we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know our retailers and their customers and experience how they’re adapting to the changing world of photography. We wanted to give you a glimpse into these stores, and highlight each retailer’s unique personality.

ONA + Leica Store MiamiWe’re particularly grateful for our retail partnership with Leica: we’re currently sold in the Leica Store Washington DC (since it opened in May 2012 as the first dedicated Leica store in the United States), Leica Store SoHo and Leica Store Los Angeles. However, we were lucky enough to partner with the Leica Store Miami during the Miami Street Photography Festival; we were blown away by the store’s beautiful aesthetic, large gallery space and incredibly friendly and knowledgeable employees.

ONA + Leica Store Miami

David and Juliana Farkas, owners of Dale Photo & Digital, opened the Leica Store Miami in February 2013–congratulations on the upcoming one-year anniversary!

Located at 372 Miracle Mile in Coral Gables with more than 2,000 square feet, the Leica Store Miami features the entire range of Leica cameras, lenses and sport optics, a rotating gallery with shows from noted Leica photographers, a customer lounge and a selection of photography books for perusal and purchase. The store often hosts Leica Akadamie workshops, photographic lectures and hands-on demo events.

Sit back and relax with a made-to-order espresso, a glass of wine, German beer or a soft drink in the customer lounge. Meet and mingle with other Leica enthusiasts while thumbing through their growing collection of photography books, which are also available for sale.

David was kind enough to answer a few of ONA’s questions about the Leica Store Miami, as well as his own interest in photography:

ONA + Leica Store Miami

ONA + Leica Store Miami

How would you describe your store’s personality in one sentence?

A welcoming and friendly store where we encourage customers to not just look at what we have on demo, but to get hands-on.

ONA + Leica Store Miami

ONA + Leica Store Miami

For your own photography, what are your favorite types of photos to take?

I love travel and landscape photography, which are two very different experiences. For me, travel photography is all about exploring a new city on foot, camera in hand, attempting to capture the feeling and personality of the place – the people, the architecture, the textures, colors and culture. And with landscape photography, nothing can compare to the serenity of standing in some of the most beautiful places on earth, quietly waiting for the light and knowing that no image can ever compare to the beauty surrounding you at that very moment.

ONA + Leica Store Miami

ONA + Leica Store Miami

What keeps customers coming back?

All of us at Leica Store Miami are photographers ourselves. We take pride in our honest enthusiasm for photography and love of top-quality photographic products like Leica cameras and ONA Bags. Our customers know that they will always get friendly, straightforward advice and exceptional service catered to their photographic needs.

ONA + Leica Store Miami

ONA + Leica Store Miami

Where’s your favorite place to take a break in the neighborhood?

Coral Gables is such a great neighborhood with lots of restaurants, shops and boutiques and is very pedestrian-friendly. There is a cute little juice bar called The Market around the block from us. The folks that run the place are super nice and they make the best green smoothies.



  1. Glen Converse says

    Thank you so much for your help today. The Artisan & Artist half case is really great. I have not found anything by A&A that doesn’t grab and hold my interest. Of course, it goes wi/o saying, the coffee was a real treat, and the Leica logo afloat the coffee was a nice touch. Mmmm! Perfecto!
    And, too, I could not exit w/o remarking on the store itself: Simply refreshing! from the inside out. You’ve really invested a lot of yourselves into the name Leica as well as the art of photography. You are to be commended. Lastly, and especially, I think that simple, serene, minimalist interior is so fitting for the name Leica.
    Warm regards,
    Glen Converse

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