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  • What’s in Bijan Sabet’s Berlin

    March 25th, 2014  —  4 Comments

    Between product and lifestyle photo shoots, we have plenty of chances to experiment with how much gear can fit in each ONA and how to style each bag. But we’re always inspired and impressed by how real-life ONA owners manage to make the bags work for them (keep sharing your photos with us on social media!), so we decided to highlight how some of our favorite photographers make their bag work for them.

    Bijan Sabet and ONA Berlin Bag

    Bijan Sabet is a true photo enthusiast, someone who takes photos simply because they love it and because they produce incredible work. He’s a venture capitalist and an early investor in Twitter, with a keen sense of timing that translates from his business decisions to his photographs. His images are stunning in their simplicity, and a true (fleeting) glimpse into a moment in a place or of a personality.

    Bijan Sabet and ONA Berlin Bag

    Here’s what Bijan is carrying in his Berlin:

    • Leica M3
    • Leica m240
    • Sekonic L398 light meter
    • Portra 400 and tri-x 400 film
    • B+W 3stop ND filter
    • Sunglasses
    • Field Notes notepad
    • Pencil
    • Mophie juice pack

    Bijan Sabet and ONA Berlin Bag

    Bijan Sabet and ONA Berlin Bag

    Bijan Sabet and ONA Berlin Bag Bijan Sabet and ONA Berlin Bag



    Note: these photographs were taken at Sightglass in San Francisco by the talented Aaron Durand.



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