Travel Journal: Turkey

If you’re a regular follower of our blog, you know how much we love seeing the cool places where ONA bags go with our awesome customers. Our team also loves globetrotting with our own ONA bags: early this month, marketing manager Christine Amorose spent two weeks soaking up the sunshine in Turkey with her Leather Capri.Cappadocia, Turkey by Christine Amorose for ONAOne of my goals is to spend every birthday in my 20s in a new country: this year, I chose to celebrate in Turkey! I couldn’t wait to see the otherworldly landscape in Cappadocia and enjoy cosmopolitan Istanbul.Cappadocia, Turkey by Christine Amorose for ONAWatching the sun set over Rose Canyon in Cappadocia, the pink hues reminded me eerily of the Grand Canyon thousands of miles away.Cappadocia, Turkey by Christine Amorose for ONAHouses and hotels are carved into the caves scattered throughout Cappadocia. There’s even an open air museum that showcases the Christian cave churches from the 12th century.Cappadocia, Turkey by Christine Amorose for ONAThe main reason people come to Cappadocia: to take a hot-air balloon ride! Up to 100 balloons fill the air every sunrise, and it is just stunning.Christine Amorose with ONA Leather CapriI mentioned in my booking that I was coming to Turkey to celebrate my birthday, so the kind folks at Voyager Balloons surprised me with champagne, cake and flowers after the ride. So blown away by Turkish hospitality!Cappadocia, Turkey by Christine Amorose for ONAAfter a couple of days in Cappadocia, it was thrilling to see hot air balloons fill the sky on my way to an early flight back to Istanbul.Istanbul, Turkey by Christine Amorose for ONAChristine Amorose with ONA Leather Capri in IstanbulOne of my favorite parts of traveling in Istanbul was seeing how the domes and the minarets of the mosques dominated the skyline. It’s so foreign but so beautiful to wake up and fall asleep to the Muslin call to prayer being broadcast across the city.Istanbul, Turkey by Christine Amorose for ONAThe intricacy of Islamic art and royal opulence was on full display at Topkapi Palace. I was in love with the color scheme!Istanbul, Turkey by Christine Amorose for ONAChristine Amorose with ONA Leather Capri in IstanbulWe rode the commuter ferry back and forth from Europe to Asia: it’s such a relaxing (and cheap!) way to see the city and soak up the sunshine. One day, we even rode the ferry for about an hour and a half out to Princes’ Islands, a collection of laid-back islands that serve as a beach day trip for locals.Istanbul, Turkey by Christine Amorose for ONAThe ONA Leather Capri in TurkeyThe Leather Capri on display on Heybeliada, one of Princes’ Islands.Istanbul, Turkey by Christine Amorose for ONAA traditional Turkish breakfast at Cafe Privato. What a spread!Istanbul, Turkey by Christine Amorose for ONAFor more wanderlust, check out the rest of our Travel Journals and follow #WhereONAGoes on our Instagram. You can also read more about Christine’s Turkey adventures on her blog.


  1. Melinda says

    Christine you picture are beautiful. I have one question, what camera body and lens did you have in your bag walking around with? I’m going to Paris soon and just want to know if this will be do able.


  2. ONA says

    Thanks, Melinda! All of these photos were taken on an iPhone 4S, but the Capri is the perfect set-up for my Canon Rebel XSi.

  3. says

    What a wonderful place to visit and your pictures tell a great story. I love Hot Air Balloons, I wish I was there. Thanks for sharing !

  4. ONA says

    Thanks so much for reading, Dennis! Turkey is certainly a beautiful place that’s worth a visit.

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