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  • #WhereONAGoes Instagram Contest Round-Up

    June 27th, 2014  —  2 Comments

    Thank you to everyone who took part in the #WhereONAGoes Instagram Contest. We loved seeing where you take your bags, from the streets of Rome to the beaches of Southeast Asia.

    Congratulations to Jordan Lamb (@jordanlamb)! We loved the adventurous spirit that shone through in his entry of the Camps Bay Backpack at a secluded waterfall in Oregon: “This place is quite the adventure to get to. Miles of gravel, having to hold into rope to lower yourself down the hill. Finally in the middle of no where Oregon. Wham!!”

    #WhereONAGoes Instagram Contest Winner

    Congratulations to Jordan! He’ll receive a Leather Presidio Camera Strap: perfect for that upcoming summer of travel!

    There were so many submissions that we loved and wanted to share here on the blog β€” below are just a few.#WhereONAGoes Instagram Contest#WhereONAGoes Instagram Contest



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