What’s in Mike Colon’s Brixton

Between product and lifestyle photo shoots, we have plenty of chances to experiment with how much gear can fit in each ONA and how to style each bag. But we’re always inspired and impressed by how real-life ONA owners manage to make the bags work for them (keep sharing your photos with us on social media!), so we decided to highlight how some of our favorite photographers make their bag work for them.

Mike Colon + ONA Antique Cognac Brixton

Mike Colon is one of the world’s premier destination wedding and lifestyle photographers, with list of places visited as enviable as his client roster. Mike’s images are able to convey real emotions in an industry often saturated with affectation; his documentary-shooting style is never forced or overly posed. Based in Southern California, he travels not only to document weddings but also to highlight areas in the world in need of clean water through his work with Thirst Relief International.

Mike Colon + ONA Antique Cognac Brixton

What’s in Mike’s Leather Brixton:

  • Nikon F5
  • Apple MacBook Air 11”
  • Mini Thunderbolt Drive
  • Lenses
  • Wallet
  • Concealed Weapons
  • Rubiks Revenge
  • Shades

Note: Mike used a personalized cattle brand to imprint his logo on the front of the Leather Brixton, which we’re convinced is the coolest and classiest move ever. 

Mike Colon + ONA Antique Cognac BrixtonMike Colon + ONA Antique Cognac BrixtonMike Colon + ONA Antique Cognac BrixtonMike Colon + ONA Antique Cognac BrixtonMike Colon + ONA Antique Cognac BrixtonMike Colon + ONA Antique Cognac Brixton


Note: all photos were kindly taken by Jessica Claire.


  1. says

    Sorry, Having a gun and ‘The biggest lens I can find’ just makes Mike look like a bit of a knob.

    maybe he’s not, but I think someone could have thought through the PR a little.
    (please don’t give mean Mike my address, as I don’t want to get in to a fight)

  2. says

    I’m with you on that Alexander. Very suspect choice on the PR front. But then again, I guess it is in AmUHrica. Maybe it’s cool over there? Who knows. Maybe he’s been mugged before.

  3. Isaiah says

    There are plenty of reasons to have a gun in your camera bag guys. In Mikes case, he’s carrying around a 200mm f2. I’d carry a gun to if I had that lens too. Cept it wouldn’t be in my camera bag. It’d be on my waist as a fair warning. But anyways also to add to the 200mm f2, he could be wanting to shoot wild bears or lions and doesn’t want to get that close. And just in case he gets spotted. He has his gun for protection. Mike studies Jiu Jitsu. He doesn’t neeeed a gun. It’s just there for insurance. So relax!

    Full discloser:
    I’ve met Mike. He’s a great guy with a great heart.

  4. Da says

    He’s lugging around a film camera… and doesn’t pack extra film? But a hard drive? Were the F5’s modified to be digital?

  5. says

    Whoa… lighten up a bit fellows… there’s nothing to be afraid of. Could I really be such a mean guy if I carry around a Rubik’s cube? I’m actually not so bad if you took the time to get to know me. Like many Americans, I grew up watching westerns, ninja movies and cop hero movies so naturally I think guns & knives are cool… blame Hollywood. I grew up shooting film on that F5… and it is still my most treasured camera (sorry, but those yellow Tmax boxes were busying up my orange themed photo). These are just a few of my favorite things that I like to carry with me. I actually had about six variations of bag contents (some more politically correct without the weapons) but sent this one to ONA because it was more fun and they are a fun company.

    P.S. Thanks ONA for making such a flawless bag that I do not leave home without. I just flew in from a family portrait session in Paris and used it as my main carry bag around the city. I received many compliments on it as usual. Thanks for the blog love too! And thanks Jessica Claire for the fun photo shoot!!

    Much love!

  6. says

    This guy is lugging around a pistol… Totally took my mind away from the rest of the article and bag. Tasteless in my opinion.

  7. Rich says

    “A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity”
    Sigmund Freud

  8. says

    Freud was high on Cocaine. As hilarious as that might be to some I personally wouldn’t want to mix a paranoid Coked up philosophy with Firearms.
    Or why not quote some NRA nut? – they also have questionable opnions on the manliness of weapons.

    Quoting out of date and irrelevant philosophy sounbites to justify an outdated ideal doesn’t really add to this, at least not in the way you think it does, especially when the particular quote is out of context.

  9. ONA says

    Thanks, Mike! We’re so glad to hear that you’re loving the Leather Brixton, and we loved all of the wonderful shots that Jessica Claire took of you and the bag. Personally, our favorite item in the bag was the Rubix Cube–and, of course, that custom branding!–but to each their own :)

  10. ONA says

    Hi Alexander! We definitely appreciate you taking the time to read the ONA blog. We’re a big fan of Mike’s photography and we loved how he styled the bag, and wanted to share those shots with our audience. We’d appreciate it if you kept any further comments respectful of Mike and whatever he chooses to carry. Thanks!

  11. Brian says

    Would love to have one of these bags, especially with the branding…that’s just flat out boss. Rugged and classy.
    As for the comment left from Edward who just so happen to have posted on July 4…. How do you think we won our freedom, to have the right, to now choose freely any avenue of profession we want? Have a little respect for the reason you/we have our freedom. I bet George Washington would have carried an ONA bag with a pistol and a camera in it if he had the choice…. And maybe a Rubix Cube to pass the long nights at camp :)
    Love the blog, keep’em coming.

  12. Richard Wagner says

    Beautiful touch with the branding. Personally I think its kinda cool adding the revolver to the picture. Im sure he doesn’t carry this around on the regular. And no one said anything about the butterfly knife?!?!? I must admit that I am a Mike Colon fan and have several of his online photo workshops on file, but to get back to the purpose of this write up, that bag seems to be very classy looking. I may have to look into one in the future.

  13. Stephen says

    My goodness, some people here need to turn in their man card. Quit trying to pussify/nerf the whole word. It’s a gun. Big surprise… some people like them. I’m not one of them, but I don’t freak out every time I see one. You guys are acting like you saw a dead baby in his bag or something. Put down the peanut butter jealous sandwich dummies.

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