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ONA is a purveyor of fine bags and accessories. Designed for and inspired by creative professionals, each ONA product is handcrafted using premium materials. Founded in 2010 and based in New York City, we take great pride in crafting timeless designs that protect your essentials while complementing your style.



We use superior materials, such as full-grain cowhide leather, waxed cotton canvas, and closed-cell foam. We source all of our materials with great care and are pleased to have developed relationships with some of the finest suppliers and vendors around the globe, from the United States to Italy.


Our products are designed and handcrafted by a dedicated team that pays meticulous attention to every detail. Our design process is driven by a desire to create products that complement your style and protect your gear. We believe that your camera bags and accessories should be rich and imaginative, like the photos you love to take. And they should boast an enduring design that allows you to carry your gear safely and comfortably.


In Swahili, the word ona (pronounced ō'na) means, “to feel,” “to believe,” and “to experience with the eyes.” This is the essence of photography and style.

I love photography, so I carry my camera everywhere. On dreamy vacations. To Sunday brunch with friends, and family gatherings. But I loathed carrying a camera bag that was clunky and distracting. I even tried stuffing my camera into a stylish non-camera bag, wrapping it in scarves or t-shirts and hoping it wouldn’t come in contact with my other stuff. Inevitably, it did. And my camera ended up with the nicks and scratches to prove it.

In summer 2010, I launched ONA with a simple vision: to offer style-conscious photographers bags and accessories that complemented their life and style. Today, we are thrilled to offer a range of products that meet the needs of diverse creative professionals – from photographers, to designers, to entrepreneurs on the go. Thank you for visiting our site, and we hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy creating them.

Tracy Foster, Founder